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Acharya Chanakya pandit was an Indian teacher, economist, and political adviser. A man who won battles using his brain. He helped establish the Mauryan Empire. Chanakya is one of the greatest names among the ancient wise peoples of India. His birthplace is still a thing to discuss but according to Buddhist scripture “The Mahavamsa”, he was born on Taxila. But according to some Jain scriptures, he was born in the southern part of India in 375 BCE. This means he was born 2300 hundred years back from today’s date.

He is also known as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta. His father’s name was Chanak. He was very wise since his childhood, so his father sent him to Taxila for studies. At that time Taxila was one of the best places for getting knowledge in the world. There were different subjects that were offered by Taxila like Science, literature, Geography, Ayurved, Mathematics, Economics, etc.

When Chanakya went there he chooses Ved as his primary studies at first, but slowly his interest was shifted to Politics later, so he decided to study Economics. After the completion of his studies he started to teach there(Taxila).

Later he came to know that Patliputra’s ruler was showing too much cruelty to the people of Paltiputra. So he decided to go there and help the poor people. When he arrived there the people were so impressed by his wisdom that he was nominated as a member of “Daan Panchayat”. Later he became the Leader of “Sungha”. Sungha was an organization whose motto was to help the poor by distributing charity money.

Pataliputra was a city in ancient India, originally built by Magadh ruler Udayin in 490 BCE.

One day Chanakya went to meet Dhananda (the emperor of the Magadh empire) taking the proposal of making one kingdom in India. But Dhananda insulted him because he was not good looking person.

When he was walking around the road He had a meet with Chandragupta. He gives different knowledge and skills to Chandragupta to make his dream of making a great India true. Chandragupta made him political advisor / Prime minister of him after helping Chandragupta to get his kingdom “Morya” back. Later Chanakya wrote 2 Books “Niti Sastra” in which he wrote, “How an emperor should run his empire” and the second book was “Arthsastra” in which he wrote how the economic policies should be made of a kingdom/country.

The Morya kingdom was the largest kingdom at that time due to Chanakya Niti (Chanakya’s Strategies). Later the kingdom was handled by Chandragupta’s Son and No-one knows how he died. Some books says he went to jungle later on and died there.

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