About Sanskrit Shlokas .com

There are many people who search for Sanskrit Shlokas/Slokas in the internet but they couldn’t find any proper resources to learn more about Sanskrit shlokas/slokas. We launched this website with the intention of providing Sanskrit Shlokas with meaning and translations in different languages like in English, Nepali and Hindi. In soon future we will post Sanskrit Shlokas/Sloks in many more languages. We will be posting Sanskrit shlokas for different occasions and events as well.

Why we are here?

We are specially here for Sanskrit Shlokas but we will post more materials to help you to learn some basis of Sanskrit language. With this website we believe we will help a little to preserve the Sanskrit language and present it to modern world in friendly way. We will also post Sanskrit mantras and more things related to Sanskrit language.

How we give the Shlokas Meaning?

We collaborate with Sanskrit experts from the Sanskrit Universities and with English professors to explain the meaning of the Sanskrit shlokas more precisely.

What you can find in SanskritShlokas.com?

We are especially for shlokas in Sanskrit but we post more things like:

  • Sanskrit Shlokas/Slokas
  • Sanskrit Mantras / Chants
  • Sanskrit Language Basics
  • Words in Sanskrit Language with meanings
  • Sanskrit Strota
  • Hindu Religion Related Blogs and News
  • Sanskrit Related Other Things